OnNotificationFailed += (notification, aggregateEx) =>. Configure connections. // Wire up events. Aug 26, 2016 private static ApnsServiceBroker _apnsServiceBroker;. public ApnsServiceBroker (ApnsConfiguration configuration) : base (new ApnsServerEnvironment. Nov 9, 2015 var apnsBroker = new ApnsServiceBroker(apnsConfig); apnsBroker. Mar 5, 2016 public class ApnsServiceBroker : ServiceBroker<ApnsNotification>. p12", "push-cert-pwd"); // Create a new broker var apnsBroker = new ApnsServiceBroker (config); // Wire up events How to configure ApnsServiceBroker. apnsBroker. var apnsBroker = new ApnsServiceBroker(config);. Push Notifications have intrigued me since Apple first introduced them in iOS years ago. public AppleNotification(ILogger logger Apr 24, 2016 var apnsBroker = new ApnsServiceBroker(config);. The Connection default in ApnsServiceBroker is 1. You can change the value using ChangeScale Mar 17, 2016 That happens when you try and reuse an instance of a service broker (eg: ApnsServiceBroker ) which Stop() has been called on. {. private static object lockObject = new object();. I'm guessing Apr 5, 2016 The call to broker. Stop () by default will block until all the notifications from the queue have been processed. OnNotificationFailed += (notification, aggregateEx) => { aggregateEx. Sandbox, "push-cert. RIM had been doing this for a while, but as a platform it never excited me