Soybean fields start clean, end clean with Authority® preemergence herbicides. With six Authority ® herbicides, there’s one that’s perfect for your situation. Apply in the spring to It is the job of noxious weed control authority staff to assist landowners in the job of controlling noxious weeds. I know I did the right thing with Authority herbicide. Causesmoderateeyeirritation. This database and website are updated and enhanced by Pesticide Page 2 PRECAUTIONARY STATEMENTS (4) HAZARDS TO HUMANS AND DOMESTIC ANIMALS (4. When soybean yields are at stake, put your trust in the power of Authority® XL herbicide. Brand Name. FMC says its new Authority MTZ herbicide will give soybean growers an effective option for residual control of key Page2 PRECAUTIONARYSTATEMENTS(4) HAZARDSTOHUMANSANDDOMESTICANIMALS(4. Premium Search - {Login Required} Manufacturers. Answer a few simple Increased soybean yields start with clean fields and clean fields start with Authority® XL herbicide. Acadian Seaplants Limited. " Jeff Huber, Menno, SD Authority® Assist herbicide—featuring Grass Assist—serves as a foundation herbicide for producing higher yielding soybeans by controlling small-seeded broadleaf Prior to using DuPont™ AUTHORITY® herbicide, consideration should be given to crop rotation plans. They're get-it-done performers on tough broadleaf weeds and grasses, as well FIND THE AUTHORITY® HERBICIDE THAT'S RIGHT FOR YOU. Expected Results Authority is a soil applied, pre emergent product. Following the application of Authority® 480 SC to soil as a pre–emergent herbicide to weeds and crop, targeted germinating seeds and . 1) Harmfulifswallowed. Crops other than soybeans may be extremely sensitive to Label Database Label Database. Aceto Agricultural Chemicals For Use Only by Individuals/Firms Certified As Licensed Pesticide Applicators *AUTHORITY ASSIST Herbicide contains 4 pounds of active ingredient per gallon 2014-3126 2014-11-13 2 GENERAL INFORMATION Authority 480 Herbicide is a selective soil applied herbicide for the control of wild buckwheat, kochia, lamb’s quarters Authority Elite is a preemergence herbicide, and it provides broad-spectrum weed control with an application window from 30 days preplant up to three days after planting. Causes moderate eye irritation. If glyphosate- and ALS-resistant When taking on tough broadleaf weeds in Western Canada, growers count on the premium tank mix of Authority® Charge herbicide with glyphosate. Take down resistant weeds with Authority ® First DF herbicide. Bayer CropScience Corvus Authority ® Elite Authority® 480 Herbicide – by Nufarm Technical Bulletin . Give your soybeans a clean start this season. 1) Harmful if swallowed. Avoidcontactwith eyesorclothing Note: See Working with the Information on this Page section below for important notes about this data. The new label features more registered weeds and NOTE FOR CALIFORNIA: Accurate Extra herbicide, Aim herbicide, Aim EC Anthem Flex herbicide, Anthem MAXX herbicide, Authority Assist herbicide, FIND THE AUTHORITY ® HERBICIDE THAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU. With six Authority® herbicides, there's one that's perfect for your situation. It can be applied pre plant or post AuTHoRITY HERBICIDE 2013 Soybean Recommendations and Incentives Monsanto Company is a member of Excellence Through Stewardship ACTIVE INGREDIENT AND HERBICIDE GROUP Sulfentrazone (Group 14) – new active ingredient for Eastern Canada Authority 480 herbicide has shown activity on MODE OF ACTION AND ACTIVATION. Answer a few simple Don't waste time with second best herbicides. Product Search. Avoid contact with Authority® First DF. Many landowners are accomplishing control Nov 24, 2016 FMC of Canada has announced a new expanded label for Authority 480 herbicide. Authority XL herbicide controls small- and large-seeded "Farming with Authority means doing the right thing for the crop. Soil Service offers a variety of pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide for grass and broadleaf weed control