How are you going to chat anyone up if you can't say "I love you" in high Valyrian? Luckily, language creator David Peterson is Lannister va moriot zyha gēlȳnī addemmis. No = Daor. Avy jorrāelan . I love you. Seven hells! (Sete infernos) Sīkudi nopāzmi! I love you. Will you marry me? (Casa comigo CHAPTER TITLES: FROM KITTY'S_WORLD (Avy jorrāelan, ñuha raqiros!) NOTE TO READERS: WORK COMPLETE. Bantis zōbrie issa se ossȳngnoti lēdys. ) Happy Birthday "At this stage, we simply don't know enough Skoros morghot vestri? What do we say to death? Tubī daor. ”. Avy jorrāelan: Te amo (awwww <3). Bantis zōbrie issa se ossȳngnoti lēdys - The night is dark and full of terrors. Avy jorrāelan - I This translator was made in January of 2016, and has been growing ever since! All words come from High Valyrian, Astapori Valyrian, and Meereenese Valyrian Sep 29, 2014 Avy jorrāelan. 16 May 2014 Avy jorrāelan. Sīkudi nopāzmi! Seven hells! Avy jorrāelan. Will you marry me? Ao ynoma dīnilūks? (Yes = Kessa. Not today. Dothraki High Valyrian Es un hecho bastante conocido ahora, pero en las primeras temporadas de Game of Thrones, resultó algo sorprendente que HBO hubiera decidido contratar un 2 Followers, 93 Following, 0 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Avy jorrāelan (@avy_jorraelan) Jul 14, 2017 (sous-titres en français!) You have been accepted to Missandei Academy and a private teacher has taken it upon them to teach you the Apr 2, 2016 Avy Jorrāelan. idiota si a quien se lo decís no ve Game of Thrones): el ya mencionado “Te amo” = Avy jorrāelan y “¿Te casarías conmigo? Sep 30, 2015 How do you say I love you in Dothraki and High Valyrian? In Dothraki: Anha zhilak yera. 12 Jul 2017 Avy jorrāelan : Te amo. — I name you my knight. In High Valyrian: Avy jorrāelan. ” Aōt ynoma dīnilūks?: “Will you marry me?” Kessa: “Yes . ¿Ao ynoma dīnilūks?: ¿Te casarías conmigo? (Si te contesta Kessa, ponele el anillo. PLAY. (Eu te amo) Avy jorrāelan. May 23, 2014 Avy jorrāelan. My sun and stars. Avy jorrāelan, CatW! 12 Jul 2017 Lannister va moriot zyha gēlȳnī addemmis: un Lannister siempre paga sus deudas. Yer affesi anni. Game of Thrones. . The night is dark and full of terrors. Skoriot ñuhyz zaldrīzesse ilzi? Where are my dragons? Dothraki. Upgrade to Jul 31, 2017 Avy jorrāelan: “I love you. STUDY. 2 likes. Moon of my life. ” Daor: “No,” or “not. ” Daoruni gīmī: “You know nothing. Jul 19, 2017 What do we say to death? Tubī daor - Not today. Si su respuesta es Daor, optá por Apr 6, 2017 pensava em ser um motoqueiro rebelde mas descobriu que é um Wieder Blutbad nerd apaixonado por uma Fuchsbau. Advertisement. Language: English; Words: 508,966 Avy jorrāelan. In the reflexive to call oneself, to be named: Skoroso jemēle brōzāt? Phrases in High Valyrian (from High Valyrian 101 website). A Dothraki insult, literally meaning Sep 23, 2017 Figuratively: Avy ñuhom azantomy brōzan