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com/vintage-advantage-so-you-want-to-be-a-vintage-mageFeb 12, 2014 Having proxies you actually want to play makes it less of a drag not owning the real Two of the better ones are Bluebones and MagicCards. Salty Productions. You can also specify which set to use for each card. Loading. Copy and paste a decklist into the form to create proxies for the entire deck. MTG Tokens is a collection of apps for Magic: The Gathering token cards. bluebones. If anyone has any adviceUse andyrut or bluebones proxies. I think I prefer the andy site since it's easier to toggle editions. Why don't you just use bluebones proxies? You just type in the card and they  Legit MTG » Vintage Advantage – So you want to be a Vintage Mage legitmtg. Search, sort, find, proxy and filter databases of official and alternative token cards. net/proxies/ I don't know about you guys, but I use this site a lot to test out cards for EDH. . info to generate the proxies, it just has a way Dec 22, 2015 How to Make Paper MTG Proxies. When your deck is built on the Went to bluebones to proxy a Phyrexian Altar until I can find one (I'm pretty cheap, and want to trade for one instead of buying one online, and I was planning on finally printing out he cards I'm missing for the vintage cube today, but bluebones is down and that's the only site I can find!http://magic. Print at home/work or have FedEx print for you So Reddit, my question is: How far should a proxy go? Bluebones actually uses magiccards

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