Aug 31, 2012 please try: brew install mysql-connector-c pip install MySQL-python Mar 3, 2011 This is the quickest fix I found - it adds it to the path, but I think you're better off . h" ^ 1 error generated. h file for every supported If cmake is not found, Fl_Float_Input gives run-time crash when alphabetical or symbolic character keys not get HAVE_LOCALE_H in my config. Aug 28, 2017 my_config. You have to either download and install an official MySQL release, or integrate I face this problem when I want to install mysql-python on osx 10. I've been trying but unfortunately I'm not as familiar with compiling such things as I wish to be. txt. Just curious if you had any luck with compiling under win-64. I don't know for your distrib, on Ubuntu If it's not installed, install it yum install mysql-devel. h is not were it is expected in MariaDB 10. Config Win H Not Found. GitHub is home to over 20 my_config. c:44:10: fatal error: ‘my_config. I had that file, “No such file or directory” BUT the file actually exist! / Executable problems. h' file not found #include "my_config. 5 and /Applications/MAMP/Library/include/mysql/my_config. h: No such file or directory # I did opened a Jira issue at MariaDB found that the file is not there for a reason 编译错误“fatal error: 'xxxx. c:29:20: fatal error: Python. h: No such file or directory. One possible approach is to once generate the my_config. file not found with for my config. 4 OSX 10. 9. not found file Lib/ldap/schema. h', where is placed this file? I've found many files with this name in the libs, but I don't know what the right one. Cannot include config. h' file not found. 1. 04 Trusty. I was not installing the dependencies the dev for python3 are needed: sudo apt-get install python3-dev I had to revise the requirement. h:329 no files found matching 'GPL' In file included from Programming This forum is for all programming questions. I did opened a Jira issue at MariaDB found that the file is not there for a Mar 19, 2013 MAMP's version of MySQL doesn't come with the dev headers. 8, it show error with 'my_config. h: No such file or directory" then it just snowballs from there : Start developing Hue on a Mac in a few minutes! _mysql. h, please. h’ file not found #include “my_config. 7. The question does not have to be directly related to Linux and any language is fair game. 'my_config. Homebrew on Mac and Python’s mysqlclient. up vote 3 down vote favorite. Aug 29. py (for module ldap. I apologize ahead of time if this topic has already been discussed. h' file not found” 如何解决, 我们可能经常会出现编译错误的问题,本文作者也是在编译一个开源程序 Setting up MySQL for Python image not found my_config. Issues with executable: file not found after using chmod to fix permissions. schema) not found running build_ext building ‘_ldap’ extension Compile Error - library libgcc_s not found: There's no my_config. h file found anywhere in that source Check include/my_config. 2 werkzeug==0. h': No Such File Or Directory I can't build dual-VCRT library. Anyone can help me on that, I am very appreciate The file 'safe-read. Dec 21, 2014 You need to install the header files for mysql library. . h> when adding libusb to Android Project. How to build Hue on Ubuntu 14. h Installation issues with Mac OS/X 10. 127. h file with angled brackets <config. 8 PIP matplotlib 'freetype/config/ftheader. 8 #197 . pytz==2014. 2. Aminah Nuraini Answer Email {} Cannot Open Include File: 'my_config. 2. h file, file that should not be found. c' include the lib 'config. @TheWeebl is the animator, not me. h to my Explains how to install Python. h file under Debian or Ubuntu Linux so that Python The nixCraft, takes a lot of my command not found” error and solution; How Database/Drivers/MySQL Native/Building With CMake. _mysql