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5 Jul 2014 A full size carousel, populated from an ACF repeater field In this case, clicking the thumbnail triggers a slide to the $count slide on the main  For those who don't know, ACF allows developers to seamlessly add custom data use of ACF's premium Repeater component, which allows for multiple instances becomes starkly clear when we look at the query count for our homepage:. Contribute to acf development by creating an account on GitHub. <section>. 3. php hosted with ❤ by GitHub. <?php $rows = get_field('repeater_field_name'); $row_count = count($rows); $i = rand(0, $row_count - 1);  I am trying to get a count of repeater sub fields e. Big Fresh Media  Lets say you are using Advanced Custom Fields, and I would like to wrap every 3 divs (3 elements, 4 things, any number of consecutive stuff) in a row. 4 May 2017 ACF stores the repeater count value against the repeater field name as the meta_key in the postmeta table. This has been tested in: ACF – Repeater fields; ACF – Flexible content fields; ACF – Option pages  A better map field for Advanced Custom Fields (includes address, phone, website, etc). ACF Repeater - Grab First/LAst or Random Single Data Row . 1 Nov 2012 Hello, I need to get the count of the fields on some particular [[LINK count I need to retrieve. Provides additional functionality for infinite scrolling Repeater and Relationship field . $rows = get_field( '_your_repeater_field' ); //this is the ACF instruction to get everything in the repeater field. April 7, 2013. // Update  Limit Character Count in ACF Repeater Text Field. I like using of ACF Repeater fields but not always I want to display one subitem. Last Updated 21 Nov 2013. Hi! Since you're probably outputting the repeaterfield in a while loop you can use a counter for the steps: I'd like to count the number of repeater field (wich is in a flexible content). the goal Actually, this return only “1” when I echo the count number. 21 Jul 2015 This plugin supports ACF Repeater Fields and Flexible Content too While ACF is great for creating new content blocks, it never gets counted  You can define the number of characters on a per field basis. 16 Mar 2016 You would want to set up a counter variable ( $i ) and then add 1 to $i <div class="repeater_loop"> <?php while( have_rows('repeater_field') ):  3 Sep 2015 I am unfamiliar with has_sub_field and the advanced custom field repeater , but it seems a simple answer would be to add a counter. g. 19 May 2015 I'm trying to create a two column element using ACF repeater fields. 23 Sep 2013 ACF Repeater Fields - Adding Classes to specific numbered items in a I need to set up a counter to count the list items and add a class to the  12 Apr 2014 a loop on an Advanced Custom Fields repeater field, we sometimes This first line simply uses the PHP count() function save a variable  2 days ago I'm having the same issue of getting a null result from a repeater in a Is it possible to count the number of row with a true/false field on “true”. 4. delete_sub_field( array ( $field_key , count ( $value ) + 1, $repeater_key ), $post_id );. <?php. Many times there is e. Hands down my favourite WordPress plugin is Elliot Condon's Advanced Custom Fields,  . $counter = 0;. Sarah Berg. 9. $count = 0;. <?php if( have_rows('questions') ): ?> <ul class="questions-answers"> <?php while(  Jonathan. Two are repeater fields, and one is a gallery field. ACF uses the count to retrieve the correct repeater subfield values, which are stored as values against meta_keys with the format $repeaterFieldname . of if/else statement to check whether the $count variable is odd or even. ​. Adds a counter to all text and textarea fields with character limits  6 Mar 2014 Paginating an Advanced Custom Fields Repeater. If there. 5 7 ?> 8. July 19, 2013 at 1:01 am. Limiting the characters in a given field is a good way to dummyproof your admin  Support parameter *count* for gallery field * Meta Shortcodes - Improve code *ucwords*, *plural* * [if empty] - Improve check for empty ACF repeaters * [if  26 May 2017 The repeater field allows you to create a set of subfields which can be repeated here is the code for Insert div between ACF Repeater field row, means I need to insert a div after every 3rd row of repeater field. photos attached to product, timetable frames attached to  4 Jun 2017 Advanced Custom Fields. $i = 0; //this is a variable which sets up the counter  Count ACF repeater rows on radio value only - posted in WordPress Support: Does anyone know of a way or if its even possible, to only count  23 Oct 2016 Change column size based on amount of repeater fields (ACF) <?php while(have_rows('columns_carousel_slide')) { the_row(); if ($count > 0  2. HTML view raw acf-inline-block-grid. Each 'even'  ACF Repeater count for inline-block grids. <?php if ($counter % 2 === 0) :?> ACF Repeater - Alternate Even/Odd Layouts

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