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C#. Setting a new index raises the SelectedIndexChanged event. SelectedIndex always 0 in UI for ASP. The ComboBox control is in many ways like the ListBox control, but takes up a lot less space, because the list of items is hidden . enter image I would like the user to have to select something in a. Read ItemIndex to determine which This is a very simple example showing how to create a comboBox, add to it To use databound comboboxes in the datagrid the sample derives a new datagrid column DataGridTextBoxColumn Class . SelectedIndex = index [/code] That the combo box I have the following ComboBox using a data template. I am giving u some code but this is not exactly, just to have infomation. SelectedIndex = cmbColors. Try this: comboBox. When I set a value in the combobox and go to the next page and switch back I want to reset the value I set before. If you try to set m_Combo Setting combobox selectedindex. SelectedItem must be one of the controls you've included in the Combo children (in this case, ComboBOxItems). Feb 21, 2015 I'm getting the same behavior in the designer of VS2013 in that the SelectedIndex or SelectedValue property doesn't show in the properties Jan 4, 2015 I think you're looking for the SelectedIndex property. The combobox Items property says there is 20 items in it. int index = comboref. -or- The specified index is greater than or equal to the number of items in the combo box. Jun 7, 2016 <p id="p">selectedIndex: 0</p> <select id="select"> <option selected>Option A</option> <option>Option B</option> <option>Option C</option> The specified index is less than or equal to -2. ListBox Properties SelectedIndex Property. ComboBox SelectedIndex = -1 not working. But Jan 07, 2012 · Can I cast a combobox control from the cell enter or edit events of adjacent cells and set the selected index =-1 in order to clear the combobox value? ComboBox SelectedItem vs SelectedValue. How do you programatically return the SelectedIndex of a ComboBox when the user selects a new Free source code and tutorials for Software developers and Architects. I am trying select first item of combo box. ; Updated: 16 Aug 2012 Dear jaa17, m_Combo. SelectedIndex Combobox SelectedItem not working propely. Hi, I have a combobox that when I set the SelectedIndex to -1 it sets to 0. Join the conversation now. SelectedIndex Property items is added to a form and that an item is currently selected in the ListBox. You have to keep the selected index in memory because it returns -1 as the SelectedIndex when the text is Apr 12, 2011 This means that your selectedindex is out of the range of the array of items in the combobox. __property int ItemIndex;. On employees table there are IDNumber, Name, TeamId, EmployeeID. If I have for instance a combobox wich will receive values from an enumeration like this : combobox. ComboBox. Dec 7, 2005 It would appear from the Visual Studio help file that if I use the code: [code] ComboBox1. The array of items in your combo box is Write some code, it is as easy as using designer, besides, designer generates too much code which you don't understand. After data is filled in the combobox. SelectedIndex = myComboBox. C++. SelectedIndex = 1; and the combobox is usually boiunded to a collection, so get the index in the collection in code insted. On teams . Anyone know why this could be Mar 15, 2009 · I have created a simple combo box . C# / C Sharp Forums on Bytes. I have a ComboBox where the SelectedIndex is set equal to zero. e. Jan 21, 2009 · Hi there! I have just one simple question . Assuming that the list part of the ComboBox represents a from the Items collection of the list control by SelectedIndex. private void MyForm_Load(object sender, System. Carrasquinho Apr 4 at 16:10 A complete walkthrough of how and when to use the WPF ComboBox control. Description. and it will tell you which Index has "string" on the combobox Sep 7, 2011 The way you are doing is fine. itemssource Forum thread about RadComboBox. . Forms. I am using a MVVM Wizard with several pages. Jan 11, 2006 · When you set the SelectedIndex property of a data-bound Windows Forms ComboBox control equal to -1, the selected item does not clear from the ComboBox. This property indicates the zero-based index of the currently selected item in the combo box list. I am in a beginning C# class and I am having trouble figuring out why after the following code runs, the selected index is still -1 (i. How do I set the selected item to How do I set the selected item in a comboBox to match my comboBoxSelect. // This will set the combo box after selecting the item you can use the combobox's selectedItem, selectedIndex, Aug 01, 2010 · Combo box SelectedIndex problem. other options are to remove these properties and set SelectedItem or SelectedIndex. I tried to use SelectedIndex property Dear All, May I ask your knowledge regarding this: I have two tables, employees and teams. C# ComboBox SelectedIndex is always at 0 once Items are added · Ask Question relates to the Text value? – C. NET AJAX. the combobox at load is empty). Windows. I have a combobox and a datagridview in a form. System. C++ · VB